1. When is it permitted to turn on the fog lights?

2. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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3. On an inter-urban road without a centre dividing area, what is the speed limit for a commercial vehicle with an all up weight that doesn’t exceed 3.5 tons (if not indicated otherwise by any road sign)?

4. When you are driving inside a tunnel which is marked with traffic sign 633:

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5. What is required from the chains that are installed between the towing vehicle and the trailer?

6. The following road sign remains valid:

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7. Which of the following vehicles must carry a fire extinguisher?

8. Define “own weight”:

9. What is the statutory speed limit (in k.p.h) of a private minibus on a freeway (unless indicated otherwise by another road sign)?

10. You are driving in the direction of the arrow. What is the meaning of the road marking to your left?

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11. What is the penalty for driving whilst disqualified?

12. What are you always obliged to do while driving in reverse?

13. What are the side effects of using malfunctioning windshield wipers?

14. What is the effect of driving at a high speed during an accident?

15. A policeman is permitted to issue a “vehicle non-use notice” (taking a vehicle off the road) when:

16. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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17. In order to start driving, what is the action the driver has to take before releasing the hand-brake in a vehicle with automatic transmission?

18. When is it obligatory to operate the vehicle speed retarders?

19. “You are allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol, as long as you do not mix different types of drinks”: Correct or incorrect?

20. What should you do when your vehicle makes unreasonable noise?

21. When is it permitted to drive on a pavement?

22. In the illustration you can see a wide road. What number in the picture illustrates a Center reservation (divider)

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23. When is it permitted to overtake another vehicle?

24. Is it obligatory to signal while deviating to the right or to the left from the driving lane?

25. What is an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) System?

26. What warning measures are installed in the driver’s compartment of a vehicle with a pneumatic braking system (air pressure)?

27. What should you do when the traffic sign in the picture appears before you?

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28. When a traffic light in a junction displays a flashing green light:

29. Which warning sign is sometimes placed before traffic sign 302?

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30. To disconnect the engine from the wheels, you should:

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