1. Is the message conveyed in the following yellow traffic sign considered legal?

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2. How should a motorcyclist cross an oil slick on the road?

3. What causes a vehicle to skid on the roadway?

4. What are you required to do when approaching the following marking on the road?

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5. What is a driver obliged to do when an emergency vehicle on duty appears behind him?

6. When the motorcycle’s high beam malfunctions during a day drive:

7. Can an owner of a valid driver’s license for a particular group of vehicle drive any vehicle of the same group?

8. While braking and slowing down, what force of nature is applied on the vehicle?

9. Which identifying details must be provided by a vehicle driver involved in a road accident with casualties?

10. How can you know that the brake pads are worn out and needs to be replaced?

11. Under which circumstances should you slow down your driving?

12. What is the effect of driving at a high speed during an accident?

13. What is the most important principle when turning right in an intersection?

14. How would you ensure economic fuel consumption?

15. What is the minimum age requirement for obtaining a Class A2 driving license?

16. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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17. If a rider feels that the motorcycle foot brake,does not work efficently he should:

18. The law allows driving in summer:

19. When we want to verify that the vehicle’s tire air pressure is correct:

20. What is the correct way to check the road when starting to drive and merging with traffic?

21. Apart from legal demand, why should a motorcyclist avoid driving in the center of the lane?

22. Does a-can of beer have a lesser effect on a driver compared to a whisky shot?

23. What is the meaning of the road sign?

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24. What is the minimum age requirement for carrying another passenger on a motorcycle?

25. On a road designated for vehicle traffic, how is it required to stand a motorcycle with a sidecar during “light time” when the road is not lit?

26. How would you conduct yourself according to the content of the following traffic sign?

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27. Which driver related ability is impaired during fog?

28. The following illustration shows a wide road. Which number in it marks a road?

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29. The following illustration shows an intersection with traffic signs. What is the correct manner of making a turn from street A to street C?

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30. After which of the following road signs is it prohibited to overtake (for a distance of about 100 meters)?

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