1. When driving behind a slow vehicle on a roadway while a continuous centre white line is marked to your left:

2. You are driving on a two-way road and in front of you drives a vehicle that signals with its left indicator:

3. How should a driver conduct himself when another vehicle suddenly emerges in his driving lane from the opposite direction, heading towards him?

4. An efficient Braking System with ABS:

5. During the vehicle’s annual test, the licensing facility shall register:

6. What is “own weight”?

7. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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8. The rear fog lamp:

9. Under what conditions is it obligatory to operate a “speed retarder” while driving downhill?

10. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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11. How would you seat a child more than three years and less than eight years of age inside a vehicle?

12. How would you conduct yourself according to the situation depicted in the following picture?

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13. What is the meaning of the light appearing in the following traffic light (non-flashing yellow)?

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14. If the roadway is marked with an unbroken separation line accompanied by a dotted line to its left:

15. What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

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16. Which vehicles can you drive with class B ?

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17. What are we required to see in the outer side mirrors of the vehicle?

18. How does the braking system of a vehicle work?

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19. Do you (vehicle no. 3) have to give right-of-way to the cyclist (2) in the roundabout?

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20. What is a “path”?

21. Which measures would you take in the following situation?

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22. When is it permitted to pass more than one vehicle during one overtaking maneuver?

23. What should you do to reduce the effect of dazzle (blinding) during the dark?

24. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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25. The ability to control a vehicle:

26. What is the proven and recommended method for keeping proper distance from the vehicle driving in front of us?

27. What should a driver do when one of the vehicle’s two headlights is malfunctioning during the night?

28. Can a driver refuse to undergo a Breathalyzer test after being requested to do so by a policeman?

29. Is it permitted to stop any vehicle other than a taxi where the following signpost is placed?

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30. What is the purpose of the “hard shoulder” on freeways?

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