1. Which of the following three vehicles is not in the correct lane, according to the traffic sign?

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2. What is a “security vehicle”?

3. Is a policeman allowed to detain without a warrant a driver who committed an offence in front of him?

4. You are driving in vehicle no. 3. To which of the following vehicles are you required to give right-of-way?

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5. Which type of vehicle is allowed to stop or be left standing on the hard shoulder of an inter-urban road which is marked as a main road?

6. When are we required to keep a more-than-customary distance from the vehicle driving in front of us?

7. What should you do when facing a structure, post or closed area, while driving on a one-way roadway?

8. Define “Junction”:

9. What are you required to do when the following traffic light is placed (and is flashing)?

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10. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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11. What is the driver of the silver vehicle required to do according to the following picture?

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12. When a vehicle stops before a level crossing:

13. When you are standing with your vehicle before an intersection while the red light is on, and you notice a security vehicle behind you, with its siren on and its lights flashing:

14. A 17yr. old Israeli born citizen applies for a driving license.Which physician is certified to perform a medical examination for his application?

15. What is the function of the vehicle’s starter?

16. According to the following traffic sign, which of the vehicles should give right of way?

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17. How is it required to mark freight that sticks out from the vehicle’s rear side?

18. Which of the following traffic signs allows vehicles to park on the sidewalk?

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19. When are we not obligated to drive a private passenger car in the right lane?

20. Is it permitted to change the size of tires on a vehicle?

21. How is a driver required to drive near a group of children?

22. Are motorcycles permitted to enter a road before which the following traffic sign is placed?

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23. When is a driver of a motor vehicle required to dip the vehicle’s lights?

24. How is the required distance for overtaking determined?

25. How are you required to conduct yourself according to the following picture?

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26. What is the maximum freight height (from the road’s surface) that may be carried by a commercial vehicle with an all up weight of up to 3,500kg?

27. How should one drive while inside a “play street”?

28. What are the permitted driving directions according to the traffic signs in the following intersection?

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29. When is it permitted to turn on the “fog lights”?

30. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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