1. What is a reasonable speed on a freeway(Motorway)?

2. A “new driver” that has not yet completed 2years or has not yet turned 21 years will not carry in a private passenger car:

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3. What measure is it important to take before stepping on the brake pedal in order to slow down or to stop?

4. On a sharp curve, slow down:

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5. In an automatic gearbox, what is a driver required to do before shifting from the P gear to any other gear?

6. What is the meaning of the sign?

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7. What does it mean when a “stop” sign is placed on the left side of the roadway only?

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8. What is the required conduct of a driver that exits a dirt road and intends to enter a paved road?

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9. Which of the following road signs does not terminate at the nearest intersection?

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10. Is a driver obliged to show a policeman the vehicle’s original documents?

11. How can we avoid danger when we start driving and when we merge with traffic?

12. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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13. What gap should be maintained from the vehicle that is driving in front of us?

14. When is it not obligatory to inform the police station about the hitting of another vehicle or property in the absence of its owners?

15. Define “slow moving vehicle”:

16. You are driving vehicle no.3. to whom will you give the right of way?

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17. How are you required to conduct yourself in the following road section?

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18. How is it required to mark freight that sticks out from the vehicle’s rear side?

19. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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20. Where is an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) (Quad bike) allowed to drive?

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21. How is a driver required to adjust the vehicle’s head rest?

22. Traffic changes are taking place ahead, how would you prepare for these changes?

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23. “restricted (Calm) zone” is a zone:

24. What is the meaning of the following road marking?

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25. The following road sign remains valid until:

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26. What reason justifies an unexpected pull from the roadway into the “hard shoulder”?

27. What is the speed limit after this traffic sign?

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28. What is a vehicle’s “stopping distance”?

29. How would you conduct yourself according to the following picture?

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30. What is the function of the ABS System?

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