1. You are driving in vehicle no. 3. To which of the following vehicles are you required to give right-of-way?

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2. How should you behave when leaving a private yard a petrol station or an entrance to a properity or a house ?

3. Are Bicycles permitted to enter a road when the following traffic sign is placed?

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4. While turning, what natural force pushes the vehicle against the direction of the turn?

5. When a traffic light in a junction displays a flashing green light:

6. The following illustration shows an intersection with traffic signs. What is the correct manner of making a turn from street A to street B?

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7. What is the meaning of this sign?

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8. When would the following vehicles be able to continue driving?

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9. The shape of warning signs are:

10. Is it obligatory to wear safety belts in a utility vehicle?

11. When are you permitted to pass another vehicle on its right side?

12. The auxiliary (parking/hand) brake is used by the driver:

13. What might be the effect of sand scattered on the road?

14. Until where does the following road sign remain valid?

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15. Is it obligatory to use an appropriate lower gear on every steep descent?

16. What is the meaning of the following road marking?

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17. Where should a “new driver” sign be placed?

18. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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19. When is it permitted to make a left U-turn in an intersection without traffic lights?

20. Which of the following traffic signs alerts about the approach to a T-junction to the right?

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21. What does the law state as regards to a vehicle driver refusing to undergo a Breathalyzer test at the request of a policeman?

22. Does the vehicle’s engine have an effect on safe driving?

23. Is it permitted to park a vehicle within an intersection?

24. Is the message conveyed in the following yellow traffic sign considered legal?

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25. What is the meaning of this traffic sign?

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26. Which of the following vehicles may enter the intersection first?

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27. How is a driver required to adjust the vehicle’s head rest?

28. What are you required to do when the following marking appears on the roadway?

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29. The following traffic sign is the only sign posted at an intersection. Is it permitted to turn left?

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30. At the junction marked and signposted as in the diagram, what is the correct way to turn right from road B to C?

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