1. Is it permitted to stand a vehicle less than twelve meters from a junction?

2. Parking at an angle on a roadway:

3. Are you required to give right-of-way to the cyclist?

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4. A paraplegic is driving it the city and is in a hurry to a scheduled medical examination :

5. Which documents should a driver be in possession of whilst driving?

6. In what condition should the driver and vehicle’s document be kept?

7. What is indicated by the following traffic sign?

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8. It is prohibited to stop or park a vehicle before and after a level crossing, within a distance of:

9. What is the correct way to check the road when starting to drive and merging with traffic?

10. When driving behind a slow vehicle on a roadway while a continuous centre white line is marked to your left:

11. When visibility conditions are impaired:

12. Is it obligatory to obey the directions and signals of a policeman, even when a certain direction or signal is opposed to the traffic signs?

13. Define “slow moving vehicle”:

14. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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15. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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16. Is it permitted to park a vehicle within an intersection?

17. How do you secure a parked automatic-transmission vehicle (except for a vehicle with a robotic gearbox)?

18. Is a vehicle driver allowed to exceed the speed limit while overtaking?

19. How would you (vehicle no. 2) conduct yourself in the following intersection?

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20. On a sharp curve, slow down:

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21. Which sign denotes a lane for Cyclists only. Cycle in the direction of the arrow?

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22. You are driving a commercial vehicle and come across this traffic sign:

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23. According to the “point system”, when a driver incurs 12 to 22 points:

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24. Select the correct sentence:

25. What problem faces a vehicle driver who is driving at a high speed?

26. How are you required to conduct yourself according to the following picture?

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27. When is it obligatory to place a warning triangle?

28. One of the conditions justifying an overtaking of a driving vehicle is:

29. How will you stand a vehicle on a downhill road?

30. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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