1. Is it permissible to stop a vehicle next to another vehicle that is parking at the side of the road?

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2. What is a “security vehicle”?

3. Which type of motor vehicle is authorized to carry a freight container?

4. How does driving on the right side of the road affect drivers' field of vision?

5. Who is under obligation to be familiar with the traffic laws and obey them?

6. When visibility conditions are impaired:

7. When you approach a railway crossing and an approaching train is seen, heard or sounds a warning signal:

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8. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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9. What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

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10. You are driving vehicle no. 3. According to the rules of giving right-of-way, in what order should the vehicles enter the intersection?

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11. Where should vehicles drive in a road divided by a continuous white line?

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12. When the roadway is divided by a broken line?

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13. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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14. When is it permitted to overtake another vehicle on its rights side?

15. Who is required to hold the vehicle’s registration papers?

16. A policeman wrote you a traffic report due to “deviation from your lane”, and there are no lanes marked on the roadway. Is it justified?

17. At what speed are we required to drive in reverse?

18. Which vehicle should be equipped with a fire extinguisher?

19. How can you be safe while driving on a congested road?

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20. What are you required to do when the brake-check lamp lights up while driving?

21. Is it permitted to have an excessive cargo length from the front or from the rear of a vehicle with an overall permissible weight of more than 15,000kg?

22. What is the meaning of this road sign?

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23. According to the traffic signs appearing in the picture, the road that turns to the left is:

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24. How should oversize freight be marked from the vehicle’s front or rear sides?

25. Is it determined by the following road sign which rules for giving right-of-way should be applied?

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26. Whilst driving on a rough road, you should:

27. Which of the following commercial vehicles must be equipped with an auxiliary brake?

28. How many years after its manufature will a license of a towing vehicle not be renewed?

29. You are driving a heavy truck down a steep and long descent. When should you shift to an appropriate low gear?

30. How should you conduct yourself at an exit from a premises or from an access road to a house, when you are about to cross the sidewalk (pavement)?

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