1. Where would you stop when the traffic light in the intersection ahead displays a red light?

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2. After how many hours of rest is a driver of a commercial vehicle with an all up weight of 10,000 kg or more permitted to start working?

3. How can we overcome the problem of tiredness whilst driving?

4. What is the first action taken by drivers before crossing an intersection?

5. What is a one-way street?

6. What does the law state about the non-use of a vehicle for a period of more than one month?

7. It is allowed to make a U-turn:

8. For safety reasons, it is required to install light-reflecting plates on the rear wall of a trailer or a semi-trailer. Hence, which of the following sentences is correct?

9. Define “path”:

10. What should you do when your driving lane is obstructed?

11. What is the meaning of the following road marking?

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12. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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13. Which vehicles are required to be equipped with a reflective traffic vest?

14. As of November 1st each year, every commercial vehicle with an all up weight exceeding 10,000 kg should carry:

15. What is a lane?

16. A police officer may revoke a driver’s license for a period of thirty days:

17. What is the fifth wheel on a Semi-trailer?

18. Is it permitted to stop, stand or park a vehicle on a freeway (motorway)?

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19. When is a driver required to drive on the “hard shoulder” - where the “shoulder” is asphalt-paved and free of traffic - in order to allow another vehicle to overtake him?

20. What is the advantage of driving on the right side of the road?

21. What is the meaning of this traffic light when it is placed above your driving lane?

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22. Explain the term “gross axle weight”:

23. What is a reasonable speed on a freeway(Motorway)?

24. What is the meaning of a “vehicle non-use notice” (taking a vehicle off the road)?

25. When a driver approaches a narrow bridge, he should:

26. What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

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27. “Drinking alcohol impairs the driver’s ability to estimate distances and speeds”: Correct or incorrect?

28. Where should vehicles drive in a road divided by a Central divider?

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29. How would you conduct yourself in a vehicle with automatic transmission, when driving down a continuous steep road?

30. How is a driver required to conduct himself when the braking system’s check lamp lights-up on the dashboard?

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