1. Is a policeman permitted to instruct the driver of a freight carrying vehicle to bring the vehicle to a weighing station?

2. What is a “U-turn”?

3. What is the normal pressure in a vehicle’s pneumatic (compressed air) braking system?

4. You are approaching a road section with traffic sign 308 posted before it. A vehicle approaching from the opposite direction already entered the road section . What should you do?

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5. When approaching a vehicle that unloads children, you should:

6. Which of the following traffic signs will be placed or marked following traffic sign 144?

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7. You are driving vehicle no. 3. According to the rules of giving right-of-way, in what order should the vehicles enter the intersection?

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8. How can you avoid frontal collision while driving on a narrow and winding mountain road?

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9. Which type of motor vehicle is authorized to carry a freight container?

10. What impossible situation is depicted in the following picture?

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11. Is it permitted for any person, apart from the driver, to be inside a vehicle while being towed?

12. How would you conduct yourself in the following situation?

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13. Which of the roads in the following illustration is a one-way road?

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14. How is it required to mark freight that sticks out from the vehicle’s rear side?

15. Is it permitted to stop any vehicle other than a taxi where the following signpost is placed?

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16. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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17. You are approaching a tunnel with a road sign displayed in front of you and want to overtake a slow vehicle driving ahead of you:

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18. Where in the vehicle should the fluorescent vest be kept (except for motor-cycles)?

19. When is a driver obliged to signal?

20. What risks are caused when you deviate abruptly between lanes?

21. Which factors affect the driver’s decision to shift to higher or lower gear?

22. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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23. The following road sign remains valid:

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24. Who are obliged to act cautiously?

25. What is required from a driver that approaches the road signs appearing in the following picture?

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26. “Drinking a large quantity of alcohol disrupts the driver’s peripheral vision and field of vision”: Correct or incorrect?

27. What is a hybrid vehicle?

28. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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29. According to the law, in what order should vehicles enter the following intersection?

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30. From which lane is it permitted to perform a U-turn to the left?

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