1. Are you required to give right-of-way to the cyclist?

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2. What is the problem in the following picture?

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3. When should you operate a flashing yellow lamp above the driver’s compartment?

4. When is it permitted to perform an emergency stop?

5. What is the maximum allowed speed in a “play street”?

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6. How would you handle the following situation?

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7. What is the meaning of the following traffic signs?

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8. What are the provisions for driving in a straight line, without swerving?

9. What is the duty of a person who owns or has control of a vehicle?

10. What is a “Tachograph”?

11. How should you conduct yourself at an exit from a premises or from an access road to a house, when you are about to cross the sidewalk (pavement)?

12. What is the meaning of the following symbol?

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13. What is instructed by the following road sign?

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14. How should oversize freight be marked from the vehicle’s front or rear sides?

15. What are you required to do after passing the following traffic sign, which is placed to your left?

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16. Is a driver permitted to drive over the speed limit while overtaking?

17. Can an owner of a valid driver’s license for a particular group of vehicle drive any vehicle of the same group?

18. What do the two following traffic signs have in common?

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19. With is the maximum permitted length of a three-axle commercial vehicle?

20. Under what conditions will the Licensing Authority approve change of ownership of a vehicle?

21. In which type of road is it obligatory to use the road’s farthest right side?

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22. What is the meaning of this traffic light when it is placed above your driving lane?

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23. What are you required to do if you detect a malfunction in the braking system while driving?

24. What should you do when your driving lane is blocked by the double-parked silver vehicle (marked with a circle)?

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25. According to the following road signs, what are we expected to come across following the next left turn?

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26. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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27. For what reason do the following road signs have a different shape than other signs?

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28. What should a driver always do before making left a U-turn?

29. Braking distance is the distance the vehicle passes?

30. Who is permitted to drive a “security vehicle” or a “rescue vehicle”?

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