1. Where would you stop according to the following picture:

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2. Traffic changes are taking place ahead, how would you prepare for these changes?

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3. The transportation of which freight width requires a permit from a police officer?

4. What is the maximum freight height permitted on a commercial vehicle with an all up weight of between 8000 kg to 15,000kg?

5. What is the required driving distance between the escorting vehicle and the vehicle carrying oversize freight?

6. How can we overcome the problem of tiredness whilst driving?

7. Driving down a long steep hill on a n Inter-urban road

8. What is the imminent danger in the following road section?

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9. The law requires to install a third license plates in these types of vehicles:

10. What is the required conduct of a driver that exits a dirt road and intends to enter a paved road?

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11. “Drinking alcohol has a negative effect on the driver’s ability to react”: Correct or incorrect?

12. What vehicle features should be adjusted in order to ensure a comfortable and safe sitting position?

13. A policeman may stop a vehicle and have it checked:

14. When you use the vehicle’s horn for signaling:

15. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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16. Who are obliged to act cautiously?

17. One of the conditions justifying an overtaking of a driving vehicle is:

18. What is the statutory obligation to slow down which applies to drivers?

19. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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20. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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21. Who is responsible for the stability and weight distribution of the cargo that is carried on a vehicle?

22. Is it enough to signal only when you begin to drive?

23. What should a driver of an overtaken vehicle do?

24. Who is permitted to transport hazardous materials?

25. In order to overtake safely, the overtaking driver should:

26. If a vehicle stops on a road without a pavement when is there an obligation to wear a reflective traffic vest?

27. What should you do when you are about to start driving after stopping or parking at the side of the roadway?

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28. How should you conduct yourself when exiting premises, a gas station or an access road to a house?

29. How should you behave at the following intersection (the red vehicle is not an emergency vehicle)?

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30. Can lawful roadway marking be considered as a road sign?

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