1. What should you do to reduce the effect of dazzle (blinding) during the dark?

2. How does the braking system of a vehicle work?

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3. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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4. How would a tractor and its trailer maintain low speed during a long and steep descent?

5. A certain restriction is shown in the following picture. What is the reason for the restriction?

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6. Who is a “road user”?

7. How can you avoid frontal collision while driving on a narrow and winding mountain road?

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8. When is it permitted to pass more than one vehicle during one overtaking maneuver?

9. Who is permitted to repair vehicle safety part failures?

10. What should you do if a vehicle suddenly approaches you while you are being overtaken by another vehicle?

11. Is a tractor required to have direction indicators from front and back?

12. If traffic sign 118 is placed at an intersection, which sign should be placed about 150 meters before the intersection?

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13. Which of the following traffic signs should be placed where parking and stopping at the side of the road are prohibited?

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14. How should those involved in a road accident, which resulted in property damage only, conduct themselves?

15. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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16. What should you do when your driving lane is blocked by the double-parked silver vehicle (marked with a circle)?

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17. What is the speed limit in an area where the following road sign is placed (and no other road sign indicates otherwise)?

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18. What would you do if your driving lane is obstructed?

19. How is the term “lighting up time” defined by law?

20. When is it permitted to use floodlights?

21. You are driving a commercial vehicle and come across this traffic sign:

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22. What are the reasons for a vehicle skidding on a road?

23. What is the meaning of the following traffic signs?

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24. What causes a vehicle to skid on the roadway?

25. Describe the following situation:

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26. According to the “point system”, when a driver incurs 12 to 22 points:

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27. Which vehicles are required to be equipped with a reflective traffic vest?

28. For what reason are weights installed on the tractor’s front?

29. When an intersection is posted with both traffic signs and traffic lights, the instructions of which has the priority over the other?

30. What is the maximum allowed speed for a utility vehicle?

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