1. What is the advantage of driving on the right side of the road?

2. What is a driver required to do when there’s a change in his health condition?

3. Continuous braking on a winding descent can cause:

4. Is the Licensing Authority permitted to summon a holder of a driver’s license to attend a driving education course?

5. Is it enough to signal only when you begin to drive?

6. How should you behave on the road ahead of you?

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7. In the following illustration you can see a wide road. Which of the numbers within the illustration marks a road way?

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8. A utility tractor is a tractor type that:

9. When may a police officer revoke a driver’s license for a period of ninety days?

10. When may a driver be in possession of only photocopies of his original vehicle documents?

11. How can you avoid collision according to the indications in the following picture?

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12. When is it obligatory to place a warning triangle?

13. What are the preliminary actions a driver must perform while getting back up to the road from the “hard shoulder”?

14. Is it permitted to drive downhill on neutral gear?

15. What is required from a driver that approaches the road signs appearing in the following picture?

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16. When are you permitted to pass another vehicle on its right side?

17. How will you stand a vehicle on a downhill road?

18. Describe the following situation:

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19. Proper adjustment of the driver’s seat:

20. Are you permitted to pass another vehicle on its right side?

21. “Alcohol slows down the driver’s ability to respond”: Correct or incorrect?

22. On a narrow roadway, when two vehicles from opposite directions cannot pass together at the same time:

23. When driving near a group of children, the driver is required to:

24. How would you conduct yourself according to the situation depicted in the following picture?

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25. How would you conduct yourself when approaching a vehicle standing on the “hard shoulder”?

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26. What should you do when the traffic sign in the picture appears before you?

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27. Which of the following traffic signs restricts vehicle entry, regardless of freight height?

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28. Is it obligatory to obey the directions and signals of a municipal inspector in uniform?

29. If traffic sign 618 is placed at an entry to a road, which traffic sign should be placed at the entry from the opposite side of the same road?

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30. “Drinking alcohol disrupts the driver’s judgment and as a result he takes more risks”: Correct or incorrect?

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