1. Which traffic sign is likely to appear before traffic sign 305?

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2. “Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front affects fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear”. Correct or incorrect?

3. When driving in reverse:

4. Is a public vehicle permitted to drive on all the marked lanes?

5. What are you required to do when you come across this traffic sign?

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6. Are explosives or any other inflammables allowed to be transported in a bus?

7. Does drinking alcohol cause sleepiness?

8. What risk is a driver facing while making a right turn?

9. How would you conduct yourself according to the picture:

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10. Where should you stop according to the following picture:

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11. When is it permitted to perform an emergency stop?

12. Which of the following traffic signs means “pedestrians in the vicinity”?

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13. What is the driver of the silver vehicle required to do according to the following picture?

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14. Is it permitted to make a U-turn to the left where the following road sign is placed?

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15. In which type of road is it obligatory to use the road’s farthest right side?

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16. What is the meaning of the following road marking?

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17. Is it permitted to stop a vehicle in a one-lane two-way roadway that is divided by a continuous white line?

18. What is the difference between the two signs?

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19. Can a minibus be regarded as a taxi?

20. When approaching a vehicle that unloads children, you should:

21. What is the meaning of the following traffic signs?

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22. What is a “pedestrian crossing”:

23. How are you required to conduct yourself according to the following road signs?

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24. Which traffic sign marks the final warning before a level crossing?

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25. Is it permitted for a bus, which uses a public transportation lane, to overtake an overtaking vehicle?

26. When are you permitted to pass another vehicle on its right side?

27. What is the maximum number of passengers a taxi driver is permitted to carry?

28. To which of the following should you give right-of-way when making a left turn in an intersection where no road sign is placed?

29. Is it permitted to open the vehicle’s doors while driving?

30. How would you conduct yourself when approaching a vehicle standing on the “hard shoulder”?

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