1. When parking a vehicle, is it necessary to operate the parking brake (handbrake)?

2. What are you required to do when the truck in the picture enters your driving lane?

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3. Is a taxi driver permitted to take an additional passenger during a taxi ride that was ordered by another passenger?

4. Is it permitted to park a bus that is designed to transport a maximum of 16 passengers in a parking place of another vehicle?

5. Where should a panoramic mirror be installed in a bus?

6. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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7. What sign warns of a traffic accident ahead?

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8. Which of the following sentences is correct as regards to the transportation of passengers carrying loaded weapons?

9. Which vehicles are required to be equipped with a reflective traffic vest?

10. The auxiliary (parking/hand) brake is used by the driver:

11. According to the law, what is the maximum allowed length of the bus in the following picture?

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12. Is it permitted to drive under the influence of an intoxicating alcoholic drink?

13. From the answers before you, where especially should a driver slow down?

14. How frequently should a bus be disinfected?

15. When driving in reverse:

16. What should you do when your driving lane is blocked by the double-parked silver vehicle (marked with a circle)?

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17. A police officer may revoke a driver’s license for a period of sixty days:

18. What is required in order to change lanes without causing any disturbance or risk?

19. Is it permitted to drive under the influence of sedatives?

20. What is the correct way of driving downhill?

21. What is the main risk of approaching an intersection on a wet road?

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22. What are you (vehicle no. 3) required to do when approaching the following intersection (the red vehicle is not an emergency vehicle)?

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23. How many passengers is a bus driver allowed to carry?

24. What is a taxi sightseeing ride?

25. Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of us is required:

26. When are we required to keep a more-than-customary distance from the vehicle driving in front of us?

27. From which side should a driver approach his vehicle before entering it?

28. Which of the following vehicles must carry a fire extinguisher?

29. Can a minibus be regarded as a taxi?

30. What is the maximum permitted length of a dual axle bus?

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