1. What is a driver required to do when there’s a change in his health condition?

2. What is a “touring vehicle”?

3. You are driving in the left lane of a one-way road. The driver in the right lane before you slowed down due to a pedestrian crossing the road from right to left. You are close to the pedestrian crossing, and therefore:

4. Before you is traffic sign 303. Which traffic sign is sometimes placed before it?

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5. What should a driver do when the road has bumps and cracks?

6. What characterizes a state of driving in which proper distance from the vehicle in front is kept?

7. When is it permitted to perform an emergency stop?

8. On which part of a road should a cyclist ride?

9. How would you get the attention of the overtaken vehicle’s driver while overtaking on a freeway (motorway)?

10. Who has the authority to revoke a driving license?

11. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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12. What is the meaning of the light appearing in the following traffic light?

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13. When you apply the brake pedal during an emergency braking:

14. What are the permitted driving directions according to the traffic signs in the following intersection?

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15. How would you drive on a wet road?

16. Is it obligatory to install a tachograph on a route service bus?

17. Until where does the following road sign remain valid?

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18. According to the “point system”:

19. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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20. Is the Licensing Authority permitted to summon a holder of a driver’s license to attend a driving education course?

21. Where are wastebaskets required to be installed in a taxi?

22. What does the law state regarding the placing or leaving of objects on a road?

23. A vehicle registration document shall not be issued for a bus or renewed for a bus:

24. What are you always obliged to do while driving in reverse?

25. How would you avoid colliding with a vehicle that drives in the same direction you?

26. What is the legal definition of a “road”

27. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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28. The following picture contains several road elements. How should a driver respond when approaching these elements?

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29. According to the law, what is the validity period of demerit points incurred by a driver?

30. When is a blue warning light displayed on the dashboard?

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