1. ”When you drink alcohol, it will take you more time to recover from dazzling(blinding)”. Correct or incorrect?

2. Which is the correct lane for turning left?

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3. Define “Junction”:

4. A policeman has stopped a driver on the road.and demanded of him to take a breathyalyzer tests . Is the driver obliged to perform the test

5. What should a driver do when one of the vehicle’s two headlights is malfunctioning during the night?

6. You are driving a vehicle that approaches the cyclist in the picture from behind. What risk might be posed by the cyclist ?

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7. When a traffic light in a junction displays a flashing green light:

8. Which of the following traffic signs shall be placed in addition to traffic sign 216?

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9. What characterizes the following road?

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10. When you are driving behind another vehicle:

11. Can an owner of a valid driver’s license for a particular group of vehicle drive any vehicle of the same group?

12. Driving down a long steep hill on a n Inter-urban road

13. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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14. When is it obligatory to place a warning triangle?

15. When are we not obligated to drive on the right hand side of the road?

16. How would a strong side-wind affect the movement of the tall truck?

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17. Is it permitted to make changes in the vehicle’s design or type?

18. In order to start driving, what is the action the driver has to take before releasing the hand-brake in a vehicle with automatic transmission?

19. What is the meaning of the following road marking?

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20. When traffic sign 308 is placed at an entry to a section,of the road which traffic sign should be placed in the opposite side of that section?

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21. What is the meaning of this sign?

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22. Whom should a taxi driver approach when his taxi meter malfunctions?

23. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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24. According to the picture, how should drivers before the traffic light behave?

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25. When you are driving in a roadway and there is an unbroken separation line marked to your left accompanied by a broken line to its left:

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26. In order to overtake safely, the overtaking driver should:

27. What sign warns drivers about an approaching tunnel?

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28. What should a driver verify (according to the law) before making a U-turn on a straight road section?

29. When another vehicle drives in the turning left only lane:

30. Who is exempt from paying taxi fare?

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