1. What is a “speed retarder”?

2. A driver’s license will not be renewed if it was expired for a period of more than:

3. Which types of vehicles must operate distress lights, or place a flashing yellow lamp, if forced to stand on a non-urban road during “light time”?

4. Which of the following vehicles is allowed to drive against traffic on a one-way road?

5. To whom should a holder of a driver’s license or vehicle registration report a change of address within 15 days?

6. What traffic sign will appear following traffic sign 708?

Picture for question 650

7. What are you required to do when the following road sign is placed?

Picture for question 421

8. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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9. A driver wishing to park his vehicle downhill shall:

10. Is it obligatory to install a reverse buzzer on a bus?

11. What are the risks of driving in high speeds?

12. Choose the only correct sentence:

13. Which vehicle should be equipped with a fire extinguisher?

14. What are you (vehicle no. 3) required to do when approaching the following intersection (the red vehicle is not an emergency vehicle)?

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15. Where is a proper place to install plates with the details of the taxi owner and of the driver?

16. What is a “touring vehicle”?

17. Taxi meter tariff 1 is:

18. How are you required to conduct yourself in the following road section?

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19. It is allowed to make a U-turn:

20. What are you required to do when you notice the following traffic sign (in the picture) placed above your driving lane?

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21. The reaction distance is the distance covered by the vehicle:

22. Is it permitted to drive downhill on neutral gear?

23. You are driving vehicle no. 3 before an intersection without traffic signs. According to the rules of giving right of way, who should enter the intersection first?

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24. What is a “path”?

25. What should you do when the traffic sign in the picture appears before you?

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26. Where should vehicles drive in a road divided by a Central divider?

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27. When driving near a group of children, the driver is required to:

28. Which of the following sentences is the most correct, as regards to the following picture?

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29. What are you required to ensure, among other things, before lifting the car in order to change a wheel?

30. How can we minimize the risk of brake loss while driving on a mountain road?

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