1. What measure is it important to take before stepping on the brake pedal in order to slow down or to stop?

2. “The law doesn’t prohibit driving under the influence of (prohibited) intoxicating drugs”:

3. What is the main risk of approaching an intersection on a wet road?

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4. It is prohibited to overtake on a steep hill:

5. Is it permitted to re- fuel a vehicle while its motor is running?

6. What is the advantage of driving on the right side of the road?

7. In a student transport vehicle, it is prohibited to drive students:

8. Which traffic sign marks the final warning before a level crossing?

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9. What warning measures are installed in the driver’s compartment of a vehicle with a pneumatic braking system (air pressure)?

10. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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11. It is permitted to park, stop or stand a vehicle when the distance between the vehicle’s wheels and the road’s edge doesn’t exceed:

12. Is it permissible to stop a vehicle next to another vehicle that is parking at the side of the road?

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13. Which body authorizes and performs taxi license change of ownership?

14. Is it obligatory to use an appropriate lower gear on every steep descent?

15. According to the traffic sign that is placed at the bus station, parking at the bus station is permitted on Saturdays and holidays:

16. How should a driver conduct himself when another vehicle suddenly emerges in his driving lane from the opposite direction, heading towards him?

17. What are the risks in making a U-turn?

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18. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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19. The following road sign remains valid until:

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20. A panoramic mirror:

21. Is it permitted to stop a vehicle in a one-lane two-way roadway that is divided by a continuous white line?

22. Is it permitted to stop any type of vehicle where the following signpost is placed?

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23. What is the responsibility of the controller of the vehicle as regards to the work and rest hours of the vehicle’s driver?

24. Which of the following vehicles must carry a fire extinguisher?

25. What should be displayed on the taxi’s meter when the taxi is available to carry passengers?

26. Is it permitted to overtake according to the situation described in the picture?

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27. Explain the term “independent brake”:

28. On the road is sign 405 and a motorcycle overtakes a car?

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29. When are we not obligated to drive a private passenger car in the right lane?

30. When a traffic light displays a stable (not flashing) yellow light:

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