1. What is the main problem a driver faces when he approaches an intersection?

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2. The “hard shoulders” are not designed for vehicle traffic, except for:

3. When approaching a vehicle that unloads children, you should:

4. What might be the consequence of excessive brake use?

5. Select the correct sentence:

6. What is a reasonable vehicle speed?

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7. What are the actions you are required to take, before intentionally pulling onto the “hard shoulder” of a non-urban road?

8. Which of the following traffic signs means “pedestrians in the vicinity”?

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9. Is a taxi owner or driver permitted to change the taxi’s ride fare?

10. What is the correct manner of making a right-turn?

11. Which of the following vehicles must be equipped with a reverse-drive buzzer?

12. How should you conduct yourself at an exit from a premises or from an access road to a house, when you are about to enter or cross the road?

13. The following road sign remains valid until:

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14. When is a driver obliged to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses?

15. Can a bus driver prevent a passenger from entering the bus if he is wearing clothes that might contaminate the bus seats?

16. For how long is it permitted to leave a broken-down vehicle on a road or in a public place?

17. Can a temporary sign, which is posted under the direction of a police officer, be regarded as a legitimate traffic sign?

18. What is a one-way street?

19. How do dirty mirrors affect vehicle safety?

20. Whom should a taxi driver approach when his taxi meter malfunctions?

21. How does the braking system of a vehicle work?

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22. What is a “vehicle non-use notice” (taking a vehicle off the road)?

23. Is a minibus permitted to enter a road on which the following road sign is placed?

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24. When you approach a pedestrian crossing:

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25. It is permitted to make a left U-turn:

26. What is the maximum number of passengers permitted to ride a minibus?

27. Under which conditions is it permitted to drive in reverse

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28. If a public bus driver runs out of tickets for a certain route – should he refuse driving a passenger who gets on the bus?

29. How can we overcome the problem of tiredness while driving?

30. Is a bus driver permitted to stop at a place other than a station in order to disembark the Inspector?

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