1. Which class of license is required to drive a motor vehicle with an overall permissible weight of up to 3,500kg?

2. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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3. What is the correct way to check the road when starting to drive and merging with traffic?

4. How are you required to conduct yourself according to the following picture?

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5. What is a “commercial vehicle”:

6. Driving at dark with the high beam turned on might:

7. According to the law, what is the validity period of demerit points incurred by a driver?

8. While driving during “lighting up time” in a vehicle with an overall width of 220 cm, is it obligatory to turn-on the “Extremity“ side lights?

9. Mark the correct sentence:

10. Is it permitted to drive downhill on neutral gear?

11. When driving behind a big truck:

12. An efficient Braking System with ABS:

13. Sudden braking is permitted when:

14. Why are you required to be more careful while driving after dark?

15. Where in the vehicle should the fluorescent vest be kept (except for motor-cycles)?

16. What is the definition of an “obsolete vehicle” in regard to private passenger cars?

17. What is the meaning of this sign?

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18. You step on the brake pedal and feel that the service brake (foot brake) is not working. What will you do?

19. What is the main function of the auxiliary brake (hand/parking brake)?

20. While braking and slowing down, what force of nature is applied on the vehicle?

21. What are the vehicle’s control systems?

22. Define an “axle” of a vehicle:

23. When is it required to operate the parking (hand) brake whilst parking?

24. What does the law state regarding the placing or leaving of objects on a road?

25. When is it permitted to use the horn for giving a warning signal in an urban road?

26. When a white unbroken separation line is marked on the roadway, is it permitted to overtake a vehicle that is lawfully driving on the road’s “hard shoulders”?

27. What are you required to do when you see that the overtaking silver vehicle intends to return to the right lane?

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28. What is the first action taken by drivers before crossing an intersection?

29. Is it obligatory to obey a portable traffic sign held by a member of the road safety guards?

30. It is obligatory to fit Extremity (width) side lights:

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