1. What is a “private passenger car”?

2. Is it permitted to park a vehicle besides a pedestrian safety guardrail?

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3. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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4. Which type of bulb would you use when required to change a bulb in the vehicle?

5. When a traffic light in a junction displays a flashing green light:

6. The use of which safety restraints is obligatory when driving children less than eight years of age?

7. What are you required to do when you see that the overtaking silver vehicle intends to return to the right lane?

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8. A driver wishing to park his vehicle downhill shall:

9. What is the correct way for pulling onto a “hard shoulder” which is lower than the road?

10. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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11. What are you required to do according to the following traffic sign?

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12. What is a “blind spot”?

13. When is it required to exchange the vehicle’s fire extinguisher?

14. What are you required to do after passing the following traffic sign, which is placed to your left?

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15. Which traffic sign marks the final warning before a level crossing?

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16. Is a vehicle driver allowed to exceed the speed limit while overtaking?

17. Accidents that are a result of driver fatigue might occur:

18. After how many hours of rest is a driver of a commercial vehicle with an all up weight of 10,000 kg or more permitted to start working?

19. How is the term “lighting up time” defined by law?

20. Which vehicle component (part) engages or disengages the rotational movement from the engine to the gear box?

21. You are driving a heavy truck down a steep and long descent. When should you shift to an appropriate low gear?

22. How would you respond to the indications in the following picture?

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23. What is the duty of a person who owns or has control of a vehicle?

24. Who is permitted to transport hazardous materials?

25. What limitations does a driver experience while driving in reverse?

26. Which is the correct lane for turning left?

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27. When another vehicle drives in the turning left only lane:

28. Where should a “new driver” sign be placed?

29. How are you required to conduct yourself in the following road section?

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30. What should a driver do when there’s a change in his health condition?

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