1. It is obligatory to hold two safety shoes in commercial vehicles with an all up weight that exceeds:

2. What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

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3. According to the law, what is the validity period of demerit points incurred by a driver?

4. What are we required to see in the outer side mirrors of the vehicle?

5. What are you required to do when the following road sign is placed?

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6. Which is the correct lane for turning left?

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7. Where the following traffic sign is placed:

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8. Is it permitted to drive through a railway crossing when the barrier is moving downwards or upwards?

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9. What is the risk in shifting gears while driving a heavy vehicle down a steep descent?

10. What is the responsibility of the controller of the vehicle as regards to the work and rest hours of the vehicle’s driver?

11. The following road sign remains valid:

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12. On which type of road is a private passenger car permitted to drive at the speed of 110 k.p.?

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13. Can the details specified in the bill of lading serve as proof of the freight’s weight?

14. What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

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15. When you exit a dirt road on to a paved road.

16. Where would you stop when the traffic light in the intersection ahead displays a red light?

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17. What is the maximum allowed speed in a “play street”?

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18. “Reasonable speed” is a speed:

19. What must a driver do when approaching a railway crossing barrier which is marked by a traffic light?

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20. How would you avoid hitting the pedestrian in the picture?

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21. In the illustration you see a wide road. What number illustrates a hard shoulder. 103

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22. Safety shoes are obligatory:

23. A “new driver” that has not yet completed 2years or has not yet turned 21 years will not carry in a private passenger car:

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24. When is it required to check the vehicle’s air polluting emissions?

25. What is the maximum permitted freight height during bulk transportation?

26. How would you conduct yourself when approaching the intersection that is depicted in the following picture?

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27. Can unprescribed medications have a negative effect on driving?

28. What is the consequence of tyre pressure that is too high?

29. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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30. In which cases are you obliged to slow down?

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