1. What are you required to do according to the following traffic sign?

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2. What is the meaning of the following road marking?

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3. The “Overall height” of a vehicle is measured:

4. When are we not obligated to drive a private passenger car in the right lane?

5. It is prohibited to park a vehicle less than a distance of:

6. How can we minimize the risk of brake loss while driving on a mountain road?

7. According to the law, in what order should vehicles enter the following intersection?

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8. What are you required to do when the following road marking appears on your left?

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9. The following road sign remains valid until:

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10. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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11. What are the advantages in looking far ahead?

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12. How would you conduct yourself in case of brake overheating as a result of continuous braking?

13. When you see the following traffic sign before you:

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14. How will you stand a vehicle on a downhill road?

15. What is a driver required to do when there’s a change in his health condition?

16. If the roadway is marked with an unbroken separation line accompanied by a dotted line to its left:

17. Under which conditions is it advised to turn on the lights during the day?

18. How would you conduct yourself when approaching the intersection that is depicted in the following picture?

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19. The danger of skidding on a wet road is greater:

20. It is prohibited to stand or park a vehicle on a road, if the vehicle’s width is more than:

21. What is the meaning of the green arrow in the traffic light?

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22. The license of a private minibus states that the minibus may carry 16passengers apart from the driver. What is the maximum amount of passengers a "B" license may carry?

23. What are the reasons for a vehicle skidding on a road?

24. What safety measures should be taken before lifting the vehicle with a jack stand?

25. When the vehicle in front of you signals about its intention to turn left:

26. When you arrive with your vehicle to the place that is illustrated in the following picture, you must:

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27. What action can be taken by a policeman when he finds that a commercial vehicle has an excessive cargo weight?

28. Which of the following traffic signs warn about an intersection with traffic lights ahead?

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29. A driver exiting a gas station must give right of way:

30. When approaching a narrow bridge, you are required to:

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