1. When are you required to turn on the direction indicators and signal?

2. Can the details specified in the bill of lading serve as proof of the freight’s weight?

3. Where should you stop your vehicle when you are obliged to stop before a railway crossing?

4. Who is responsible for a vehicle emitting smoke above statutory levels?

5. You are driving a vehicle that approaches the cyclist in the picture from behind. What risk might be posed by the cyclist ?

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6. Driving down a long steep hill on a n Inter-urban road

7. How is a pedestrian crossing marked?

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8. What is a driver required to do when one of his two headlights malfunctions during “light time”?

9. Define “commercial vehicle”:

10. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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11. Is it obligatory to use an appropriate lower gear on every steep descent?

12. Which types of vehicles must operate distress lights, or place a flashing yellow lamp, if forced to stand on a non-urban road during “light time”?

13. Define “play street”:

14. Which of the following sentences is correct, as regards to the behavior of pedestrian near an intersection:

15. If the roadway is marked with an unbroken separation line accompanied by a dotted line to its left:

16. When is it required to operate the parking (hand) brake whilst parking?

17. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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18. Which measures would you take in the following situation?

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19. A utility tractor is a tractor type that:

20. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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21. From which lane is it permitted to perform a U-turn to the left?

22. What are we required to check and verify before starting-up the vehicle’s engine?

23. What is a commercial vehicle in accordance with the Carrier Services Law?

24. What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

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25. How should oversize freight be marked from the vehicle’s front or rear sides?

26. Is it permitted to perform an emergency brake for any reason other than to prevent a road accident?

27. Can a driver refuse to undergo a Breathalyzer test after being requested to do so by a policeman?

28. What is the maximum permitted distance for standing a vehicle parallel to the kerb?

29. Are Bicycles permitted to enter a road when the following traffic sign is placed?

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30. Is a bus used for driving instruction purposes permitted to enter where the following road sign is placed?

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