1. What is the correct order of actions while changing a wheel?

2. What is the correct sentence according to the following picture?

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3. With is the maximum permitted length of a two-axle commercial vehicle?

4. When we want to verify that the vehicle’s tire air pressure is correct:

5. How would you conduct yourself according to the picture:

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6. The higher is the vehicle’s center of gravity:

7. When a driver approaches a narrow bridge, he should:

8. Is it permitted to use any other means for signaling when the electric signaling system is not functioning?

9. How would you avoid hitting the pedestrian in the picture?

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10. Which vehicle is regarded as a “commercial vehicle”?

11. How would you behave on the road ahead?

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12. Which of the following road signs marks a "freeway"?

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13. Is it permitted to make changes in the vehicle’s design or type?

14. A policeman is permitted to issue a “vehicle non-use notice” (taking a vehicle off the road) when:

15. It is obligatory to install on the rear of a commercial vehicle with an all up weight of 12,000 kg or more:

16. What is the maximum permitted speed for driving a private passenger vehicle (if not indicated otherwise by a traffic sign)?

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17. The auxiliary (parking/hand) brake may also be used:

18. What is the driver obliged to do according to the following picture?

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19. Which of the following traffic signs should be placed where parking and stopping at the side of the road are prohibited?

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20. Is an escort of a new driver allowed to be under the influence of alcohol?

21. A certain restriction is shown in the following picture. What is the reason for the restriction?

Picture for question 967

22. When are we not obligated to drive on the right hand side of the road?

23. A round shaped traffic-sign is:

24. What is the correct way to check the road when starting to drive and merging with traffic?

25. What is the normal pressure in a vehicle’s pneumatic (compressed air) braking system?

26. How should a vehicle driver conduct himself after hitting another vehicle or property in the absence of its owner?

27. You are driving on a two-way road and in front of you drives a vehicle that signals with its left indicator:

28. What is the maximum permitted distance for standing a vehicle parallel to the kerb?

29. How should you drive a child less than one year of age inside a vehicle?

30. What is a “pedestrian crossing”?

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