1. When is it permitted to turn left, from a lane other than the left lane?

2. How would you drive your motorcycle when you are forced to cross an oil slick on the road?

3. Where can you find information about the vehicle’s required tyre pressure?

4. How should you make a left turn according to the following marking?

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5. How are you required to conduct yourself according to the event that is depicted in the following picture?

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6. While braking and slowing down, what force of nature is applied on the vehicle?

7. Is a motorcyclist permitted to cross a sidewalk?

8. When is it allowed to use the horn?

9. What is the minimum age requirement for obtaining a Class A2 driving license?

10. The vehicle’s headlights light the road with:

11. Driving downhill in neutral gear:

12. When pedestrians are forced to walk on the road way, on which side of it should they walk?

13. Where on the motorcycle is it recommended to place luggage, so that its impact on the motorcycle’s stability is minimal?

14. When and where are you required to turn on the direction indicator?

15. When a traffic light displays a stable (not flashing) yellow light:

16. It is prohibited to stop, park or stand a vehicle on or before a pedestrian crossing, within a distance of:

17. How should a driver involved in traffic accident with casualties conduct himself?

18. How should vehicle drivers conduct themselves while driving on a road with a narrow and steep hill..

19. The danger of skidding on a wet road is greater:

20. The following road sign remains valid:

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21. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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22. You are driving on a two-way road and in front of you drives a vehicle that signals with its left indicator:

23. What should a driver verify (according to the law) before making a U-turn on a straight road section?

24. During the vehicle’s annual test, the licensing facility shall register:

25. When a vehicle is disqualified from use on the road:

26. When you arrive with your vehicle to the place that is illustrated in the following picture, you must:

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27. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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28. What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

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29. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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30. How can you manage to keep your braking distance within the range of your vehicle’s lights while driving at night?

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