1. Do you (vehicle no. 3) have to give right-of-way to the cyclist (2) in the roundabout?

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2. Is it permitted to push a vehicle, while its engine is shut-off, into a roadway to which vehicle entry is prohibited?

3. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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4. Why is it that the control of a motorcycle is decreased while entering a turn?

5. On an urban road, the speed limit for a 125cc or smaller motorcycle, with an engine power that doesn’t exceed 14.6 horse-powers (11 KW), unless indicated otherwise by any traffic sign, is:

6. What is the correct manner of making a right-turn?

7. The manufacure date of a vehicle’s tire is:

8. In the illustration you can see a wide road. What number in the picture illustrates a Center reservation (divider)

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9. What does the law state regarding the placing or leaving of objects on a road?

10. How can you manage to keep your braking distance within the range of your vehicle’s lights while driving at night?

11. Who is a “road user”?

12. According to the picture, how should drivers before the traffic light behave?

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13. It is prohibited to stop or park a vehicle before and after a level crossing, within a distance of:

14. How would you, while driving a motorcycle, evade an obstacle – such as an object that is laid on the road – that suddenly appears in front of you?

15. In a properly functioning traffic light – how many times does the green light blinks before it turns yellow?

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16. What are the tedious driving conditions described in the following picture?

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17. What are you required to do according to the following road sign?

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18. Is it obligatory to obey the directions and signals of an authorized municipal inspector, even when a certain direction or signal is opposed to the traffic signs?

19. When an intersection is posted with both traffic signs and traffic lights, the instructions of which has the priority over the other?

20. What should a driver do when he detects a safety failure in the steering wheel or brakes while driving?

21. How will a dirty front lamp influence night driving?

22. “Alcohol slows down the driver’s ability to respond”: Correct or incorrect?

23. What is the meaning of the following traffic sign?

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24. Is it permitted to take one hand off the wheel or handlebar while driving?

25. The correct vehicle tire size is:

26. What is the driver obliged to do according to the following picture?

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27. Which warning sign alerts about two-way traffic ahead?

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28. Is it permitted for a motorcycle owner to replace the motorcycle’s original-size tires with tires of a different size?

29. In the following illustration you can see a wide road. Which of the numbers within the illustration marks a road way?

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30. How are you required to conduct yourself when a traffic light displays a green light but the intersection is blocked by vehicles?

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